5 April
Argiro, Argiroyla
21st November

Opening Hours


Winter Hours
Mon-Sat 8.00-19.30
Sun 9.30-13.30

Summer Hours
Mon-Sat 8.00-20.00
Sun Closed

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Unique floral creations:
  1. Plant and flower arrangements (bouquets and flower arrangement combinations)
  2. Plant and flower advisory recommendation
  3. Event and professional conferences decorations

Planning and wedding organization:

  1. Wedding decoration
  2. Costing offer
  3. Overall presentation of the wedding by analyzing the selected flowers, decoration, costing tender, suggestions and solutions of potential problems
  4. Survey and analysis of the wedding by organizing meetings with customers and by visiting halls and churches to identifying and solving of potential complex problems.

Preparation of a study for creating gardens that include:

  1. Advisory recommendation (study of existing garden, identification of problems and suggestions and solutions of the problems)
  2. Garden design (garden plans, sections and perspectives)
  3. Costing offer
  4. Offer and project preparation
  5. Overall presentation of the proposed project to customers (plants)
  6. Garden survey and analysis

Garden maintenance & equipment:

  1. General Plant care (pruning, spray, fertilizer)
  2. Soils, seeds, pots, pesticides



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